Feb 2017

Sketchfab Challenge: The Robots are Coming!: Finished Product

Sketchfab Challenge: The Robots are Coming! : Finished Product

The challenge is now over and below is the end product.


Figure 1: Finished Concept

Screen Shot 2017-02-24 at 17.32.03

Figure 2: Female Robot Model in Magic Voxel

Figure 3: Female Robot Finished Model

App Research: Maps

App Research: Maps

At the moment I am researching on a app. Its all speculation but at the moment the idea might involve using maps and maybe eventually GPS or Augmented reality.

In order to understand GPS, I decided to experiment with Map view kit.

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 17.31.51

Figure 1: Map View Kit


Figure 2: Map View Kit viewing the area

Sketchfab Challenge: The Robots are Coming!

Sketchfab Challenge: The Robots are Coming!

We all know the robots are coming — to take our jobs, drive our cars or make our coffee. But what else could they do, and what will they look like?”

The objective is to design a robot using voxels.

This challenge will be interesting as it is rather unfamiliar!
Below is my concepts drawings and first impression of using a specialised voxel software called MagicVoxel.


Figure 1: Concept Drawing of Robot


Figure 2: Concept Drawing of Robot Coloured


Figure 3: Magic Voxel: Designed Robot Model First Impression