Graphic Design

Brochure Final Design

Final Design: Brochure

Below is the final two brochure designs. The next step is to print out the brochures and then send the drafts off to the company to see if they like it.
If they do, then the next step is to produce several copies.


Figure 1: Final Brochure Design Number 1


Figure 2: Final Brochure Design Number 2

Brochure First Draft

First Brochure Design Draft

Below are the first brochure design Draft. Adjustments such as alignments and page numbers are yet to be added.


Figure 1: Brochure Design Draft Number 1


Figure 2: Brochure Design Draft Number 2

Brochure Design Progress

Designing a Brochure

Over the next few months, I will be designing a brochure for a company. In order to achieve this, I will research the other business brochures that are already produced and then use that as a inspiration to produce my own brochure.