Sep 2014

Metoria Game Mechanics: Creating the CutScene

Creating Cutscene

Recently I have designed a cutscene for the first person adventure. A cutscene is a scene which is a development of the story which is often shown at the beginning of a level or the completion of the level or trigger by game mechanics such as the player character dies.

This is an effective way to show where the player needs to go and to keep him/her instructed. In order to create the cutscene, i used unity asset called Sequence UI. What this asset does it allows me to edit and create scenes using timeline which is very similar to the animation editor in unity and Autodesk Maya. Below in figure 1 is an example of what the sequence editor looks like.

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 16.38.35

Figure 1: Sequence UI Editor Timeline.

Once you have edited the scene, you then attach animation to the camera and use the Autoplay script which came with the asset in order to command the sequence to play as soon as the level starts. Below is the end result of the cutscene.