Computer Graphic


Cape hanging from a hanger Animation

For my second year I had to do 3 mini projects. Today I will be talking about one of them. The project is to make an object that fits with another object. I decided to do an animated Cape that hangs from the coat rack. After that I did some research into what a NCloth is and how to go about doing it. I went onto Youtube and watched a tutorial video.On the video it shows you how to create a simple cloth. You basically go to ndyamics selecting the object, then you click on nCloth. After that your object behaves like a cloth and can be affected by wind and forces.


Figure 1: Ncloth experiment

For one of my experiments I tested the collision between a cloth and the object. I designed a quick cylinder and

turned it into a passive collider so when the cloth plane hits the cylinder instead of going through it just hands over it. After that i modelling the cape using polygon cylinders and extrude it out.